October Maintenance Guide

Tip Of The Week: October Maintenance Guide

Just like any critical piece of equipment, your heating and cooling systems require regular HVAC maintenance to keep them running properly. Home and business owners should stay on top of maintenance tasks year-round to improve system performance and efficiency. Do not know exactly what to do as far as HVAC maintenance goes? We at Tower … Continue Reading

Tip of the Week: Have the right Filter on your truck everytime with FlexFilter

Field Controls FlexFilter Replacement Media Air Filters are now available at Tower Equipment Company! Field Controls patented FlexFilter is an ultra compact, easy-to-assemble media air cleaner that replaces over 40 of the most popular filter models ! Why take time away from the job tracking down a manufacturer’s specific filter? Why carry a truck load … Continue Reading

Product Preview: Functional Devices All New EnOcean® 902 MHz Wireless Relay

Introducing the all new EnOcean® 902 MHz Wireless Relay by Functional Devices & Accessories line to the shelves at Tower Equipment! Functional Devices new RIBWxxxB-EN3 wireless relay is a part of EnOcean Alliance line. EnOcean is the only energy harvesting wireless standard and is dedicated to automation solutions for sustainable buildings using energy harvesting wireless technology. EnOcean … Continue Reading

Technology Talk: Guide To Functional Devices RIB Relays

Did you know Functional Devices created six different series for their popular RIB relays, guaranteeing a relay for every application? In this guide, you will find what makes each of these series unique to help you get a better understanding for the RIB relays that are available at Tower! Pilot Series The Pilot Series contains relays that are … Continue Reading

Product Preview: Wireless Relays by Functional Devices

Did you know that Functional Devices is a member of the EnOcean Alliance? For those who do not know, the EnOcean Alliance is the only energy harvesting wireless standard. This alliance is dedicated to automation solutions for sustainable buildings that use energy harvesting wireless technology. They are also dedicated to making buildings more energy efficient, more … Continue Reading

Product Preview: Transformers By Functional Devices

Most people are aware that Functional Devices offers RIB relays, current sensors, and power supplies, but did you realize they also have an extensive line of transformers. These transformers are very versatile making them a product you should consider on your next job. Whether you just need a single control or isolation transformer or are specifying … Continue Reading