Tip Of The Week: What To Do With Old Mercury Thermostats

Today’s thermostats come in all shapes, sizes, functions and options making the idea of upgrading a system easier than you may think. There is truly a thermostat that will fit all your needs but what do you do with the old mercury thermostat once you have found the perfect replacement? One word, recycle. Did you … Continue Reading

New Technology: Belimo Introduces Their New Complete Range of Sensors

Sensors by Belimo are now on the shelves at Tower! For those who do not know, Belimo is the global leader in the development, production, and marketing of actuators and control valves for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. They sold more actuators than every other manufacturer combined last year. Tower Equipment Company is proud to say … Continue Reading

Energy Efficiency: 4 Ways to Find Drafts in Your Home

Warm weather is just around the corner, you can almost hear the humming of the air conditioning units running throughout the neighborhood. If you are like most homeowners,  your home in the summer is the one place where you can beat the heat- except for the places in your house that you just can’t quite … Continue Reading

Tip of the week: 5 Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

We all love a tidy house, it makes you feel comfortable, organized, and most of all clean but there is one thing you might be overlooking while tidying up your home. The air in your home can contain many contaminants and unfortunately, indoor air is often more polluted than outside air. Think about this for … Continue Reading

New Technology: Johnson Controls on Cyber Smart Buildings

  • March 31, 2017
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  • Tower Equipment

Johnson Controls is Hosting a Webinar Cyber Smart Buildings- How to Secure Your Investment in Connectivity and Automation on April 5th, 2017 1:00 PM CST/ 2:00 PM EST  Most buildings today are considered smart buildings, filled with technology to help make your business better but it is not enough anymore for your building just to be smart, … Continue Reading

Technology Talk: Wi-Fi Thermostat Guidelines for Contractors

Wi-Fi thermostats are becoming a household staple and it is predicted that by 2020 sales will surpass standard digital models. Many contractors are adding Wi-Fi enabled thermostats to their product line up, as demand steadily increases. In order to properly showcase Wi-Fi thermostats contractors must know these four guidelines to bring homeowners and business owners … Continue Reading

New Technology: Honeywell’s UWP Mounting System

One Wall Mount for Every T Series Thermostat The Honeywell T Series, a family of non-connected and Wi-Fi connected thermostats, has one thing in common (aside from good looks) a single standard wall mount. This means once you know how to wire and install one T Series thermostat, you can wire and install them all. … Continue Reading

Tip of The Week: How to stop pests from infesting your HVAC system

Today, pests are a constant problem for home or business owners and without the right precautions, they can be dangerous. Consequences of not preparing for pests or just ignoring them are vast. From damage to your home/building structure because of termites to raccoons and mice tearing into your home and nesting, either way, pests will find their way … Continue Reading

Technology Talk: Top Five Energy Consumption Tracking Apps

Ever wonder why you can never seem to get your energy bill down or want to track your energy consumption and find more ways to save? Use one these apps to manage your energy use and take control of your energy bill! Kill-Ur-Watts – Utilizing your energy consumption data, this app will keep track of your … Continue Reading