Green HVAC Technology

Green HVAC Technology: 9 Reasons to Switch Now

According to the United States Department of Energy, heating and cooling accounts for 56 percent of energy use in the typical home. While needs vary considerably across different types of commercial activities, estimates are that heating and cooling can be as much as 73 percent of the total energy use for commercial buildings.  For both … Continue Reading

Aprilaire Humidifiers

Aprilaire Whole Home Humidifiers

Dry air can be a problem in almost any home, but it is most during the winter months. The combination of cool, outdoor air and heated indoor air can cause your home to be drier than the Sahara Desert. Air that is not properly humidified can have serious health and comfort implications: Low relative humidity … Continue Reading

Tip of the week: Free Informational Wi-Fi Thermostat Webinars

Did you know Aprilaire hosts free webinars every month? These webinars allow you and your employees to stay competitive and up-to-date on new products from the comfort of your own business. All webinars are held at 9 am central time with an approximate length of 60 minutes. Aprilaire’s upcoming webinar will be on Wi-Fi thermostats giving you and … Continue Reading

Technology Talk: Guide To Humidifiers

Winter is right around the corner which means the dry air is coming but luckily for you, there is one product that can keep your space happy this winter, a humidifier. Humidifiers are often overlooked but they can radically change the comfort of your families living environment, making them a product you should consider this winter for your HVAC system. Having a home filled … Continue Reading

Technology Talk: Aprilaire Humidifier Replacement Guide

New models of products get released every day as companies strive to make all their products more efficient, effective, and user-friendly. The issue with this is when you go to replace your old system, your model is no longer on the market. Tower Equipment is here to help you solve this issue with this Aprilaire Humidifier … Continue Reading