New Technology: Veris Universal PX3 Differential Pressure/Air Velocity Transducer

Introducing Veris New and improved Universal PX3 Differential Pressure/Air Velocity Transducer Series to Towers Inventory The most versatile and capable sensor in the market has arrived! Veris is proud to release the new PX3 Differential Pressure/Air Velocity Transducer – now available for purchase at Tower Equipment Company. Replacing Veris old differential pressure sensor (PXULX053), the … Continue Reading

Technology Talk: Veris’s Multi-Circuit Power Meters

Do you need to update or replace elements within your electrical infrastructure? Perhaps you need to add sub-billing capabilities or load-based cost allocation? Or maybe you need to balance loads as part of a new demand/response strategy? And are becoming concerned this may be a substantial capital cost? Luckily, there are cost-effective ways to meet … Continue Reading

Product Preview: Guide to Veris Industries Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors play a critical role throughout an HVAC system helping ensure energy efficiency and an optimized building environment. This is due to the fact that temperature sensing is needed at various stages in the system. This is where Veris comes to play. With a complete line of temperature sensing products for commercial buildings, they have … Continue Reading

New Technology: Veris All-In-One Pressure Sensor Switch Model PASXX

Veris released their new all-in-one pressure sensor switch that is used in air handling systems for the monitoring of air ducts, filters, and fans. The sensor is easy to use with a strong plastic enclosure that has a rating of IP54. This sensor has a set-point adjustment provided under the clip-on clear plastic cover. Supplied with a mounting adaptor ring, two straight duct probes … Continue Reading