Johnson Controls release new Illustra Pro Bullet with Smart Wide Dynamic Range

New Illustra Pro Gen3 Bullet camera automatically optimizes video quality while minimizing configuration time WESTFORD, Mass. – (February 5, 2020) Johnson Controls has added to its successful Illustra Pro camera family with the Illustra Pro Gen3 Bullet, featuring new Smart Wide Dynamic Range that optimizes video quality while minimizing configuration time. Available with standard or telephoto lens and in … Continue Reading

Learn why air conditioning coils freeze up, their signs, and what to do to solve this problem and restore cooling to your home.

Why Do Air Conditioning Coils Freeze? Air conditioners need good airflow moving through the equipment to keep coils warm and working correctly. When air isn’t freely moving across the evaporator coil, its temperature drops, leading to a frozen AC coil. A dirty air filter or restricted air movement in ducts could be preventing proper airflow. Air conditioners … Continue Reading

Technology Talk: Introducing the NEW ACI BACnet™ Sensor Line

Introducing the NEW ACI BACnet™ Sensor Line Committed to engineering a better sensor solution, ACI has launched the BN Series Temperature and Humidity BACnet™ Sensor Line.  This new line has been designed to meet the sensor needs of network-based control systems.  ACI’s initial offering includes single point temperature or humidity sensors along with dual point combination temperature … Continue Reading

Make 2019 the year for a Healthy Home!

It is that time of the year to set goals to eat better, get more exercise, maybe even more sleep- everyone is looking for a healthier them. But what if instead you could do something for 2019 that improves your heath and the health of your family? Make 2019 the year for a Healthier Home! … Continue Reading

Green HVAC Technology

Green HVAC Technology: 9 Reasons to Switch Now

According to the United States Department of Energy, heating and cooling accounts for 56 percent of energy use in the typical home. While needs vary considerably across different types of commercial activities, estimates are that heating and cooling can be as much as 73 percent of the total energy use for commercial buildings.  For both … Continue Reading

October Maintenance Guide

Tip Of The Week: October Maintenance Guide

Just like any critical piece of equipment, your heating and cooling systems require regular HVAC maintenance to keep them running properly. Home and business owners should stay on top of maintenance tasks year-round to improve system performance and efficiency. Do not know exactly what to do as far as HVAC maintenance goes? We at Tower … Continue Reading

Honeywell Hydronic Zoning Panels

Product Preview: The Honeywell Hydronic Zoning Panels

Hydronic Zoning Panels Intuitive setup makes zoning a snap Zoning is an ideal way to help your customers maximize comfort while enjoying energy savings, but zoning for homes with a central boiler has been time consuming — until now. Honeywell Hydronic Zoning Panels feature simplified setup and reduced wiring for quick installation. You’ll be able to … Continue Reading