Technology Talk: Little Giant’s Condensate Overflow Switches

Want an easy to install condensate overflow switch that has a compact design and complies with all applicable building codes? Consider Little Giant’s ACS-2 & 3 Condensate overflow switches! The ACS-2 & 3 Condensate Overflow Switches mount right into an air conditioner drain pan to shut off the unit if the condensate level approaches overflow. … Continue Reading

Tower Equipment & Mason Industries

Did you know Tower Equipment carries a selection of Mason Industries performance Vibration Pads, Mounts, and Hangers? Up until the 1950’s most rubber mountings were designed to take the load in shear. Mountings were circular or sold in long strips so the capacity could be controlled by size and durometer, or durometer and the cut off length. Shear loading curves are straight lines similar … Continue Reading

Product Preview: Mars TURBO 200 Series Capacitors

Mars Turbo 200 Capacitors offer greater performance capability than original-equipment capacitors! Every Turbo uses thicker, high-temperature metalized polypropylene film and incorporate advanced patented capacitor winding technology which creates de-metalized zones at the start and finish of each microfarad value within the overall Turbo winding! About The Turbo 200 Series Capacitors The Turbo 200 family of … Continue Reading

Johnson Controls & The NFL Hall Of Fame

Johnson Controls teamed up with the Hall of Fame Village for the next 18 years to create the first sports and entertainment “smart city”. This smart city will be named Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village and it is located in Canton. Ohio. This partnership represents shared values of honoring the past and building the … Continue Reading

Tip of the week: 5 Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

We all love a tidy house, it makes you feel comfortable, organized, and most of all clean but there is one thing you might be overlooking while tidying up your home. The air in your home can contain many contaminants and unfortunately, indoor air is often more polluted than outside air. Think about this for … Continue Reading

Technology Talk: Top Five Energy Consumption Tracking Apps

Ever wonder why you can never seem to get your energy bill down or want to track your energy consumption and find more ways to save? Use one these apps to manage your energy use and take control of your energy bill! Kill-Ur-Watts – Utilizing your energy consumption data, this app will keep track of your … Continue Reading