LCBS Connect

Technology Talk: Introducing Honeywell LCBS Connect

Connect with your light commercial building customers like never before with Honeywells LCBS Connect. It uses the Internet of Things and Big Data to make it easy for you to view, analyze and diagnose the operation of small and medium buildings from anywhere at anytime, so you can operate more efficiently by remotely diagnosing and analyzing problems. … Continue Reading

Tip Of The Week: Winter Myths To Bust On Your Next Job

Technicians work hard every day to help keep the homes they service safe, healthy, and comfortable all year round. The issue with this is that there are many myths homeowners believe about HVAC winter health and comfort that need to be rethought. Here are three myths you can bust on your jobs this season! Blasting … Continue Reading

Technology Talk: Smart Vents vs. Zoning

There are many different ways to zone a home but what is the most efficient way to do so? Smart products are everywhere in the HVAC industry, they can increase energy efficiency, be seamlessly integrated, and are simple to install.  Although some smart products and certain zoning methods go against expert advice from the heating and … Continue Reading

Tip of the Week: Optimizing Energy Efficiency

Did you know heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems represent 15% of all electrical power consumed worldwide and 30% to 60% in any given facility? By providing your customers with innovative and smarter HVAC/R systems, you can increase energy savings on all of your jobs. Although this isn’t always an easy task, the outcome will leave your customers … Continue Reading

HVAC Halloween Decorating Tips

Looking for new and exciting ways to use your HVAC products? Well with Halloween just around the corner, Tower is here with some fun decorating ideas you can make with HVAC products! Ranging from simple to advanced these projects will sure get you feeling festive this season. Vent Hose Pumpkins This simple project is not only … Continue Reading

Tip of the Week: TECO’s Winter Energy Efficiency Checklist

The leaves are starting to turn and those chilly winter winds are right around the corner making it the perfect time to start preparing for winter. In this article, you will find TECO’s checklist on improvements you can make to increase your energy efficiency. The first item on Tower Equipment’s winter energy efficiency checklist is … Continue Reading

Technology Talk – Guide To Air Purifiers

Creating an allergen-free space can be difficult but with the right product, your building can circulate clean air all year long. Before we get into the different types of air purifiers on the market, let’s take a minute to discuss high-efficiency particulate arrestance or HEPA for short. To be classified as HEPA, an air filter … Continue Reading