Technology Talk: Introducing the NEW ACI BACnet™ Sensor Line

Introducing the NEW ACI BACnet™ Sensor Line Committed to engineering a better sensor solution, ACI has launched the BN Series Temperature and Humidity BACnet™ Sensor Line.  This new line has been designed to meet the sensor needs of network-based control systems.  ACI’s initial offering includes single point temperature or humidity sensors along with dual point combination temperature … Continue Reading

New Technology: Make zoning simple with RoomResponse by Tekmar

Adjust the boiler temperature based on feedback from any brand of thermostat with RoomResponse by Tekmar. During milder conditions and times when heat is added through indoor activity, appliance operation and solar gain, the RoomResponse signal requests a lower boiler temperature to use less energy. Controlling the boiler temperature also enhances comfort through reduced temperature … Continue Reading

Product Preview: Honeywell’s WEBs-AX Energy Analytics

Want to know how energy in your building is being used? The WEBs-AX Energy Analytics can give you the insight you have been looking for into your energy usage!  Working within the WEBs-AX architecture, WEBs-AX Energy Analytics is the equivalent to an energy savant obsessed with making energy usage more efficient. Using the data from your energy … Continue Reading

Product Preview: Honeywell’s Advanced Electrode Humidifier

When your home’s humidity levels are out of balance, you, your family, and your pets may experience the irritating effects of dry air. This includes itchy skin, scratchy throats, chapped lips, static electricity, and unpleasant shocks. Your woodwork, hardwood floors and favorite possessions, like furniture, artwork, and musical instruments, may crack and split from dry … Continue Reading

Product Preview: Energy Saving Products Universal Air Switch

Energy Saving Products Universal Small Footprint Air Switch can replace hundreds of other exact replacement air switches saving you truck space and eliminating wait time on ordering parts! ESP’s Universal Air Switch comes from the NS2 family of reliable, economical switches with field-adjustable or factory-calibrated set points between 0.05″wc and 10″wc. These switches can sense positive, negative, … Continue Reading

Product Preview: Hart & Cooleys 680 Series Stamped Faced Opposed Blade Damper Registers

Hart & Cooleys 680 Series Stamped Faced Opposed Blade Damper Registers are now stocked at Tower Equipment! Made from durable steel the 680 series design was made to last and has a sleek modern look. Ideal for Multi-Family projects these registers are available in many sizes and they come outfitted with tamper-resistant controls making them … Continue Reading

Sustainable Delvelopment: Schneider Electric’s Transition to Carbon Neutrality

Schneider is a strong supporter of sustainable efforts and they work hard to make a more sustainable planet every day. Schneider’s Chief Operating Officer of the International Operating Division Jean-Pascal Tricoire states,  When it comes to the climate, I’m neither an optimist nor a pessimist. I’m an activist. This is because, in working for a more sustainable world, … Continue Reading

Product Preview: Johnson Controls A11 Series Low-Temperature Cutout Controls

Need a reliable low-temperature cutout control? Consider Johnson Controls A11 Series! A11 Series Low-Temperature Cutout Controls are compact and sturdy and have an adjustable temperature setpoint range with a fixed differential.  The controls are available with single-pole, single-throw (SPST) or single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) contact action. Typical applications include the sensing of low-temperature conditions to avoid … Continue Reading

Product Preview: Mars TURBO 200 Series Capacitors

Mars Turbo 200 Capacitors offer greater performance capability than original-equipment capacitors! Every Turbo uses thicker, high-temperature metalized polypropylene film and incorporate advanced patented capacitor winding technology which creates de-metalized zones at the start and finish of each microfarad value within the overall Turbo winding! About The Turbo 200 Series Capacitors The Turbo 200 family of … Continue Reading

Technology Talk: Tekmar’s Snowmelt Solutions

Looking for a more safe, efficient, and reliable way to deal with snow this winter? Look no further than Tekmar’s Snow Melt Solutions! With many benefits and ways to control the system, you or your customers can save time and effort this year.  Benefits of Snow Melting with Tekmar are:  Safe building access to residents, customers, … Continue Reading