FAQ: Humidifier Water Panel

While heating season will hopefully come to a close soon, homes throughout the country are still using their humidifiers to combat winter dry air. Have you checked your whole home humidifier’s water panel this season? Humidifier water panels are an important component in the humidification process. Learn what they do and how to change your … Continue Reading

Product Preview: Honeywell’s Spring Return Electric Linear Valve Actuators

Need a reliable, strong, and durable actuator? Consider Honeywell’s Spring Return Electric Linear Valve Actuator! The ML6425 Spring Return Electric Linear Valve Actuators are floating control actuators used with controllers that provide a switched or floating single-pole-double-throw (spdt) output. These actuators operate standard Honeywell valves for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications. The ML7425 Spring … Continue Reading

Technology Talk: Belimo’s Super Capacitor For Critical Applications

Need your system to operate safely no matter the circumstances? A fail-safe control is what you need. During an electrical power supply interruption, dampers and valves are automatically returned to their fail-safe position with an electronic fail-safe control function. Water coils are protected from freezing, steam heat exchangers are closed for safety, and fume hoods … Continue Reading

Product Preview: NEMOFTY & The Teco Zone Dampers

Not impressed with your current Zone Damper Company or are you looking for a change? Try TECO’s Tower Zone TZ Damper. Our TZ Damper is made with Belimo’s NEMOFTY 24v 3 wire motor with LED positioned lights and a rugged American made slip in zone damper. Our damper is high quality, powerful, and economical compared … Continue Reading

Product Preview: Belimo Pressure Bypass Damper Assembly

Exclusive to Tower Equipment  – The Belimo pressure bypass assembly smart design provides adapted air pressure control in order to maximize occupant comfort. With embedded logic, the actuator is able to maintain proper static pressure throughout the HVAC system. Belimo pressure bypass damper assembly, NDAP series are factory mounted with NEMPC actuator directly to a 5/8” … Continue Reading

New Technology: Belimo Introduces Their New Complete Range of Sensors

Sensors by Belimo are now on the shelves at Tower! For those who do not know, Belimo is the global leader in the development, production, and marketing of actuators and control valves for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. They sold more actuators than every other manufacturer combined last year. Tower Equipment Company is proud to say … Continue Reading

Spotlight on: Belimo’s LMB Type/NEMOFTY 24v 3 Wire Motor with LED Positioned Lights

If you are looking for a simple, long lasting, and easy to use motor the Belimo LMB type/NEMOFTY Motor Actuators are what you are looking for! LMB/NEMOFTY motors are easy to install, easy to wire up ensuring a long life and minimal attendance. The motor comes with built-in LED’S to indicate damper blade position, where green indicates … Continue Reading

New Technology: Belimo’s Advanced Butterfly Valve Technology Sets new performance Standards in HVAC Applications

  Belimo’s butterfly valve and actuators for high flow applications is the most intelligent, energy efficient, and reliable leakage rate on the market today. Easy installation, longevity, and application flexibility makes the butterfly valve technology highly innovative. Setting new standards for performance Belimo is changing the market in HVAC applications. Belimo’s succeeded in creating a … Continue Reading

New Technology: Belimo Fire and Smoke Damper Actuator

Belimo Releases a New Fire and Smoke Damper Actuator with Higher Torque and Temperature! Belimo continues to raise the bar with their new products every year. This new Smoke Damper Actuator features higher Torque and Temperature. The new FSAF*A spring-return actuator offers 180 in-lbs [20 Nm] with approximately 25 second running time and is designed for … Continue Reading